Thursday, April 5, 2007

Code4Lib 2007 :: Bess Sadler and Tigran Zargaryan - Library-in-a-Box

Presentation by Bess Sadler and Tigran Zargaryan at Code4Lib 2007 in Athens, GA on March 1, 2007.

Libraries in developing countries have difficulty implementing and supporting commercial ILS systems. Poor support for internationalized interfaces and expensive software licensing fees contribute to an increasingly unsupportable situation in libraries around the world. Electronic Information for Libraries is currently planning the development of "Library-in-a-Box," an open-source, fully internationalized integrated library system, designed to be easy to install and support, and with next-generation OPAC features like faceted browsing. Library-in-a-box will build on the work already done by evergreen and koha. This talk will discuss the current state and future plans of this project.

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Video available.